KIN's Routine

Inspired the creation of our 3 collections


Do you know what inspired the creation of our 3 collections?

KIN is part of Oasis Spa, one of Thailand’s top spa brands, 

         renowned for its exceptional spa services, customer care, and high-quality products, both in Thailand and internationally.                                                                                                                                                    






With over 20 years of experience, Oasis Spa has always been dedicated to selecting the best products for our customers. Our clients receive treatments only with carefully chosen products.


Oasis Spa has rapidly expanded, establishing branches in various regions across Thailand, including Chiang Mai in the north, Phuket in the south, Bangkok in the central region, and Pattaya. Each region has its unique charm, and those who have visited can attest to this undeniable allure.

Secret Charms Collection : Embracing the North of Thailand

Representing the north of Thailand, a place rich with nature, forests, and a variety of flowers, and where people live a simple life


This collection infuses the charm of Lanna culture with golden shimmer, symbolizing the radiance of the Lanna era. The jasmine scent provides a calming, cool, and laid-back feeling, reflecting the lifestyle of the northern people. After using Secret Charms, your body will glow and feel as if it is surrounded by a garden of flowers.

Lush Tropical Collection : Embracing the Heart of Thailand


The Lush Tropical collection represents Bangkok, the vibrant capital of Thailand, located in the central region. 


Known for its bustling civilization, diverse cuisine, and an abundance of fruits, 

Bangkok is a city where urban life and tourism blend seamlessly.


By the scent of lemongrass & mandarin, this collection captures the lively spirit and vibrant energy of Bangkok. 

It evokes the essence of a tropical country, especially Bangkok, which is synonymous with brightness and the dazzling lights of skyscrapers. The refreshing scent from Lush Tropical brings you back to the fun and lively atmosphere of Bangkok.


Ocean Breeze Collection : Embracing the South of Thailand

The Ocean Breeze collection represents Phuket, in the southern region of Thailand, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Famous for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Inspired by the refreshing sensation of the sun's heat reflecting off the sea, 

the Ocean Breeze captures the unique blend of warmth and coolness. After sunbathing, using the Ocean Breeze with its rosemary and peppermint scents will make you feel refreshed, as if you are experiencing the invigorating sea breeze. 

The cooling effect after use feels like the gentle wind from Thailand's southern seas, soothing you from the stresses of the day.